Our Vision and Mission

Shri Ramalinga and Our New Vision

Shri Ramalinga spread The Sudha Sanmarka Sangam teaching not only in theory but mainly in practice by his own way of living which is an inspiration to us. Taking Arutprakasa Vallalar’s teaching as its base, Gurukulam sets its vision to become a respectable spiritual organisation not only in Malaysia but throughout the world by preaching the art of deathlessness as described by Shri Ramalinga in His Thiruarutpa and promoting Universal Brotherhood.

Gurukulam also realises that it should not stop at preaching but offer conducive environment for its members & devotees to practice the teachings and follow the foot-steps of Shri Ramalinga.

[New Vision Based On Shri Ramalinga’s Teachings]

Our Mission

  • Promote Shri Ramalinga & The Art of Deathlessness
  •  Setting up of Tharuma Salai (Food Charity)
  • Setting up Of Old Folks Home
  •  Nurturing Children (Kindergarten)
  • Join Hand with other Organisations (Brotherhood)
  • Setup Environment For Prayers/Lectures/Meditation
  • Set-up Global IT Center to handle queries related to Shri Ramalinga