Our Journey

Prior 1989 Prior to 1989, Mr. Nagappan a/l Pakirie) a.k.a Abna was performing Demi-God Worshipping and invited Swami Tharumalingam ( From Dengkil) to give spiritual talks. Swami Tharumalingam spoke in length & depth about the teaching of our ancient saints ( Agathiar, Thirumoolar, Thiruvalluvar, Avvaiyar etc). He also explains about hidden spiritual meanings behind various religious practices which in general we have been practicing for ages without real understanding.
1989 Mr. Tharumalingam a/l Veeramalai moved from Dengkil to stay together with Mr. Abna per his invitation to conduct prayers and give spiritual talks. News spread fast and soon more & more people started to attend these weekly prayers / talks.
1992 Pertubuhan Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Gurukulam Malaysia was registered on 22nd May 1992. Founder & Gurunathar (Mr. Tharumalingam a/l Veeramalai), President (Mr. Nagappan a/l Pakirie) , Secretary ( Mr. Sathiyan a/l Ramoo).
  First Sidha Medicine Conference (Tharumalingam, Sadhasivam, Sivadass, Shanmugam ) held at MIC Netaji Hall and Gurukulam started to become famous. The action plan for this conference started since 1991.
  Mr. Subass Chandran joined Swami Tharumalingam as his full time assistant.
1993 To cater for growing needs, the building was renovated. Branches and centres mushroomed throughout the country namely (Kapar led by Mr Sivadass, Kemayan led by Mr Sadhasivam, Raub, Ipoh, Penang led by Mdm Kaliamah, Serdang, Rawang, KKB, Telok Panglima Garang, Klang, etc)
1994 First India Trip (Awareness Program) was organised. Subass Chandran got acquainted with Singer Malayur Sadhasivam and arranged for recording of Shri Ramalinga song “Enna Paavam Seithano” which became a hit among Gurukulam members. .
1995 Owner had mortgaged the property and unable to settle the debts. Gurukulam decided to purchase the property. Mr. Mah Sau Cheong donated RM 345k for this purpose. . Donation also started to flow in from public.
1996 The property was finally purchased from Mr. Abna.
  1st Thaipusam Project was organised based on idea mooted by Mr. Subramaniam (from Ampang).
  2000 First Vallalar Confererence was organised (by Mr. Thillai Maniam, Kg Medan) at UM. Attended by many speakers including Mr. M Balasubramanian (Mupa).
 2001 Madam Mangalam of Pure Life Society visited Gurukulam . Ashramam was under the leadership of  Dr Thanikasalam during this period.
  2007 UM student Vishnu A/l Krishnan completed a 6 months study/ research on Gurukulam on 9th April 2007 and its effect / contribution to the community .