The Founder


Name: Tharumalingam A/L Veeramalai

Born: 23rd August 1956


Brief History

Year / Place Description

In 80s
Renganathar Temple,

Swami was the temple priest. Already started to preach teachings of Sidhars especially Saint Agathiar to general public. Shri Ramalinga was already introduced as one of the Saints.

Reko, Kajang (House)

Swami stayed on his own and continued to preach about Sidhars and conduct meditation & Yoga classes.

Agathiar Sanmarkam, India

Embarked on spiritual journey to India to quench his thirst on spiritualism. Under the spiritual guidance of Rangaraja Swamigal of Thuraiyur ( Elder brother of Swami Thambaiah), Swami equipped  himself with knowledge and ready to spread the  teachings of Sidhars.  Rangaraja Swamigal apparently has mentioned to Swami Tharumalingam that he would soon set-up  a new centre in Malaysia.

Agathiar Sangam, Dengkil

Was staying in Ashramam and assist ashramam in their daily affairs.

1992 till to-date

Swami founded Pertubuhan Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Gurukulam Malaysia in 1992 & held the post of Gurunathar since its establishment  till 2000. After his marriage, Swami moved out of Ashramam to continue his services on personal capacity. Swami actively conducts religious talks focusing on Shri Ramalinga & his teachings in Klang & various other places.

Achievement (During his period as the Gurunathar)

Swami Tharumalingam was also very well known for his activism to eradicate Blind Faith (Mooda Nambikai) which was very rampant in Malaysian Hindu Society. Often using teaching of the Saints, Swami would explain to general public the inner meanings of certain practices in Hinduism. While Swami does not discourage people from performing rites & rituals , Swami teaches them to seek the real spiritual meaning behind these practices.

Swami also strongly opposed to the practice of performing Milk abhisegam (in large quantity during Thaipusam) . Swami is of the opinion that the same milk could be used to feed the poor especially the Tamil School Children who lack nutritious diet.
In 1992, Pertubuhan Sri Agathiar Sanmarka Gurukulam organised The World’s First Congress on Sidha Medicine, in Malaysia. This was officiated by Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu ( Former MIC President).

Swamy is well know for his in depth knowledge of Sidhars and his ability to do comparitive studies of various Sidhars teachings. Spiritual discourses are never boring. Swami was able to put these high level theories / philosophies into simple structured notes with charts and explain in the simplest form to the general public.