Popularly known as Vallalar (great munificent), is regarded as the foremost of the Saints and Sages considering the heights, widths, depths and intimacies of his realization of the Divine in all the inmost, outer and the outmost parts of his being. He was a Yogi who put before the people the deathlessness of body as an essential part of the realization of the One Blissful Divine.

Universal Path, Samarasa Suddha Sanmarka

We take that his experience in higher realms the experience that gave him sublime knowledge of the Divine and his compassion towards all grew simultaneously each helping the other. His own experience proved to us beyond any doubts that human compassion is the only ladder to the spiritual heights. He prayed to Lord for miraculous power, not for self- aggrandisement but for compassion towards all souls. The Saint lived in the midst of people healing their ailments and teaching them the principles of Universal Path, Samarasa Suddha Sanmarka which is a happy combination of service to fellow beings and spiritual experience. The Universal path is not a new religion but it wants one not to be confined within the limits of any one religion but to reach high spiritual realms, shedding all differences of caste, creed, religion, nationality etc., and to experience the Ultimate Reality.


The saint states that “I do not advocate deathlessness with any worldly ambition in my mind. I say all these out of compassion for you. I earnestly wish you to get the same bliss that I get. It is not I that speak; it is indeed the Lord in me that makes me a tool, for conveying this message to you. The Lord, the Common Reality, dances with all His radiant grace. Make up your mind to embrace him”. In another song the Swami says that he prayed to the Lord for such a deathless and indestructible eternal body which cannot be subjected to death by the elements of Nature, by disease, by god of death, by planets or planetary influences nor by weapons of death, nor by any another violent actions of others, nor by any other means whatsoever and the Lord quickly gave him such a body and the Swami entreats the people to seek the God of Vast Grace-Light.

Saint’s Transfiguration

There are 3 stages in the attainment of embodied immortality:

  • Stage 1: Transfiguration of the physical tenement in to that of purity. [ SUDDHA ]
  • Stage 2 : Transfiguration of the body into that of gold and light. [ PRANAVA ]
  • Stage 3 : Transfiguration of his body into that of wisdom. [ NYANA ]

This gradual transfiguration of the bodies signifies the embodied Immortality attained and expounded by the saint. On most of the days, the saint never used to take any food either in any solid or liquid form. Even in the absence of these, he was found to be ever busy as in the early days. A photographer tried his best to have his photo but never succeeded in his attempt. The above instances clearly prove that though he was seen in the physical body, yet it had undergone changes, which cannot be perceived by materialists.

Final Moments

He finally locked himself inside the room he used to occupy and expressed his desire that none should venture to open it. He also added that if the Government authorities persist to open it, let them be convinced of his desire of not opening it and if it is opened, the room will be found vacant. These utterances proved to be final. Hundreds of devotees were there when Saint Shri Ramalinga went in disappeared bodily.