Writings and Philosophies

Shri Ramalinga has written about 6000 verses (5818 compiled to-date) of Divine inspiration ‘THIRUARUTPA’. The life works of the Saint consists major portion in the form of poetry and rest are some musical compositions , a few prose works , a few commentaries , a few letters written by him to his followers and the collection of his oral teachings , recorded by his disciples. Some of his major philosophies are

  1. God is ONE. He is ‘ Arut Perum Jothiyar’
  2. All Living beings are our brothers and sisters.
  3. To abolish the caste, religion, religious tenets and class differences.
  4. To get rid of demi-god (nature spirits) worship and slaughtering in the name of this worship.
  5. Do not eat meat, do not kill any living beings.
  6. To consider appeasing the hunger of others as worship.
  7. Bury the dead instead of cremation.
  8. To maintain discipline of the organs of action, intellectual faculties, ‘Jeeva’, ‘Aanma’, ‘Nithya’ and benevolence to the living creature.
  9. Worship GOD through TRUE COMPASSION and see the holy light within us.
  10. Consider all living creatures as the ‘ABODE OF GOD’ and therefore do good to them.