1. Sanmarka Sangam ( 1865 )
    • Established Sanmarka Sangam to advise the people on the way of life in which anybody without distinction of caste or colour may join and learn about the God and about our way of life . He teaches :-
      – The truth of the God,
      – How to achieve the God within the period of our life,
      – How to lead our day to day life with our family, and finally
      – How to achieve deathless life.
  2. Dharma Saalaa ( 23rd May, 1867) on-going until now
    • Established in Vadalur (Tamil Nadu) . Still continuing the service of feeding the poor till to-date. Some hundreds of poor people are being fed everyday. Feeding the poor will bring the blessings of God very easily and quickly.
  3. Gnaana Sabai – the Hall of True Knowledge (January 25, 1872)
    • A common temple for all to worship without minding their caste,colour,language or country. Both in its construction and functioning he eschewed anything with even a remotely religious connotation. Inside the temple no offerings in the form of fruits or flowers could be made and conversely no signs of benediction were also given. The temple was open to all castes, creeds and cults except meat- eaters who were however, permitted to worship from the outside. The Swami however, prescribed strict rules of worship which were to be uncompromisingly adhered to. But over a period of time he found more of disobedience than obedience in the observation of these rules. A deeply pained Shri Ramalinga closed down the `temple’ in 1873.