Siddhars vs Shri Ramalinga


Shri Ramalinga

Used kaavi (saffron coloured) clothes

Used only pure white clothes

Used wooden chappals

Used leather chappal

Lived on mountains, in Forests

Lived along with people

Prayed in temples

Established Gnaana Sabai for prayers

No known establishments

Established Sanmaarga Sangam

Received Food From People

People Received Food From Vallalar.

Ordinary people may not understand
the meaning of their songs.

Anyone Can Understand The Meaning
of his songs.

Practiced Pranayamam

Against Pranayamam

Raises kundalini energy from mooladhara

Vallalar says below neck is Karma indiriya and above neck is nyana indiriya

Ultimately entered into Samaadhi.

His body was neither burried nor cremated. Vallalar disappeared before his disciples.

by Spiritual Advisor, Mr. Mupa