New Shri Ramalinga Temple and Community Centre Building

What we are seeing so far? From the beginning all people lived so far finally ended their life only by death. People living today are going to die one day. Ordinary people, medical men who are curing various diseases of others, well educated college professors, engineers, skilled lawyers, good fathers or whoever he may be will have to die . This is what we see happening in this world. Saints and religious people who preached that people who worship God in proper way may achieve him after death are also not exempted. But God has decided to send his son to the earth to teach the people that they may be able to acheive God here itself. Not after death but during the living period itself. Shri Ramalinga Swaamigal @ Thiru Arutprakaasa Vallalar is the son of God.

He was not educated by any teacher in this world. - He was having thorough knowledge in all subjects even in his childhood without studying anywhere. - He started writing songs at the age of nine. - He started meditation at the age of twelve. - He was having direct contact with the God. - The heat produced by meditation changed his human body into shadowless body. - He could not be photographed (Tried 9 times but failed), hence no photo of him is available. - We can verify by seeing the figure (face) of Shri Ramalinga in which is not common but differs from each other. - He preached that we can attain the grace of God only by kindness . - We must help the needy who suffer from hunger, thirst, disease, wishes, poverty, risks and death. Among these , feeding the poor is the most important thing.

Shri Ramalinga is living with his own body even now. God has given power to him to remove our hurdles and worries which we meet in our day to day life. Worship of Shri Ramalinga is absolutely necessary to come out of our troubles. God himself came and entered into Shri Ramalinga’s body which made Shri Ramalinga as God. Now Shri Ramalinga is God. Almighty has given all his powers to Shri Ramalinga. Those who realise the position of Shri Ramalinga may live without any trouble from anybody.

So the three buildings:

  1. Sanmaarga Sangam
  2. Dharma Saalaa
  3. Gnaana Sabai are absolutely necessary.

If these are built in Malaysia ,our people wil definitely realise & follow the good and correct path of life, as preached by Shri Ramalinga.

Foreword by Spiritual Advisor, Mr Mupa


Working paper

Complete working paper available now for download in PowerPoint format [ Download ]

Project Committee

Gurukulam Committee members during meeting held on the 17th May 2012 have unilaterally decided that a new centre needs to to be built to overcome the problems faced by the Gurukulam and to enable members to undertake service activities for spiritual advancement.

List of Gurukulam’s Committee Members present during the meeting are:

  • Mr. Panirselvam
  • Mr. Ravichandran
  • Mr. Sritharan
  • Mr. Manimaran
  • Mr. Khartik
  • Mr. Balamuralikannan
  • Mr. Sivayoham
  • Mr. Sativel Subramaniam

Criteria For New Centre

  • Location which is easily accessible to the general public so that public can take benefits from the various activities organised
  • Isolated location conducive environment for the various spiritual activities
  • Affordable Price
  • Ample parking facility
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Close proximity to Thaipusam Food Charity Site (Batu Caves).

Land Details

Plot 4918 adjacent to Batu River, Batu Caves

Approximately 0.92 Acres (40,990 sq ft)

(Leased Hold, 77 years left)

The asking value for this land is RM 2,869,300.


Estimated Cost

Land Cost – RM 2,869,300
Building Cost – RM 8,000,000 – RM10,000,000
Total Cost ( Approximately ) 11 Million (RM) – 13 Million (RM)




  • Annathaanam On Sundays (Now) – Later Everyday
  • Financial Aid To Single Mothers
  • Setting Up Of Old Folks Home
  • Deepavali Hampers To Poor – ( Now Being Organised Annually)
  • Thaipusam Food Charity At Batu Caves- ( Now Being Organised Annually)
  • Food Charity At Temples On Request
  • Others


  • Support Children From Poor Family
  • Provide Tuition Centre
  • Provide Sanmarka Education
  • Others


  • Prayers – Thursdays, Poosam, Pournami
  • Agaval Paarayanam – Sundays, Poosam
  • Ramalinga Abayam’ Latcha Aruchanai
  • Maha Manthiram’ Latcha Aruchanai
  • Muttrothal – Reciting Whole Thiruarutpa
  • Satvisaram – Question & Answer Sessions
  • Thavam Sessions
  • Conference/Lectures
  • Others


  • Promote Non Killing
  • Promote Vegetarianism
  • Promote Brotherhood
  • Others

New Building Project Chairman



Tel No : 03-60920221 (Residence), 03-60933995 (Office), 012-2019995 (Mobile)

E-Mail :


Fund and Income Tax Exemption

(Subject to Aprroval by LHDN)

Shri Ramalinga Temple and Community Centre would seek financial support from general public to raise the required funds to implement the project.

Shri Ramalinga Temple and Community Centre shall endeavour to make all contributions towards this establishment exempted from Income Tax. Necessary steps would be taken to register this society for carrying out activities in the area of charity, education and other general public benefits in-line with Income Tax’s Act as per their pre-requisite for tax exemption.

Building Fund Bank Account Details

Account Name : Pertubuhan Sri Agathiar Sanmarka
 Gurukulam Malaysia (PSASGM)
Bank Name : Maybank Berhad

Account No : 512503216347
Bank Name  :  RHB Bank

Account No : 21244240041087

Working paper

Complete working paper available now for download in PowerPoint format [ Download ]